What Customers Say About Us


“B-Tea is all about great healthy products! I drink it and get result that I am proud of. So, Drink it. Love it. Live it.” , RejWan


“I’m loving your Kombucha! “ , Erica


“I love Kombucha way too much” , Mallory


“If you believe in the power of probiotics, be sure to check one-of-a-kind B-Tea Kombucha!” , Jared 


“Kombucha is fermented tea, it

  • Improves digestion
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Increases energy
  • Cleansing and detoxification
  • Immune support
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Cancer Prevention
  • And like everything else, it has so many more benefits.

It also includes probiotics and prebiotics!” , Tehila


“A few weeks ago I received a sample pack of B-Tea Kombucha. It had three flavors: Green Tea Lemon Balm, Original and Green Tea (order of favorite). The flavors are clean, don’t feel “acidic”, and are not harsh on the pallet. Thank you B-Tea for making this product!” , Elizabeth


B-Tea Beverage was established to fully explore all the benefits of the revolutionary healthy products. Our team is made up of experts and professionals in the nutrition industry. With all the fame surrounding Kombucha majorly due to its nutritional value, we decided to bring our wealth of experience together to make a very unique brand of Kombucha that is brewed under the most strict guidelines that follow traditional recipes using Pilzen laden water and best organic ingredients available. This is how B-Tea Kombucha was born.

Our main objective is to make that perfect products that offers you the best of vitality, flavor, nutrition and health benefits. We hand select, test and refine all of our ingredients to ensure their safety for consumption. For thousands of years Kombucha was famous for its contribution to weight loss and control. B-Tea Kombucha is smooth and tasty, making leaving healthy pleasant. 


B-Tea Kombucha combines quality ingredients to improve metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. It consists of natural organic ingredients that help burn your accumulated body fat, cleanses your body of all toxins, enhances your body metabolism, and reduces your feeling of hunger among other benefits without compromising the rich flavorful taste. B-Tea Kombucha is the perfect healthy tea drink.


Your body deserves to be kept healthy and free of toxins and excess weight. This is what you get from every product that we make, because we make them with your total health in mind. You deserve it. So go ahead, grab any bottle of B-Tea Kombucha and give yourself a healthy treat.

Drink it. Love it. Live it.

B-Tea Beverage LLC