Top Five Proven Facts to Know about B-Tea Kombucha

Top Five Proven Facts to Know about B-Tea Kombucha


Everyone who is interested in healthy dieting, nutrition or weight loss had probably heard about the magical “life elixir” – Kombucha. This drink, which is a slightly fermented tea, acquired considerable popularity among those who are attentive to their diet. Fans of this drink and scientists claim that it improves digestion, stimulates the immune system, helps to reduce weight, and also can be used in therapeutic remedies for almost any disease and even increases life expectancy.
Below there are top five facts to know about B-Tea Kombucha!
1. What are the benefits of probiotics?
The Kombucha nourishes this drink with microorganisms. The benefits of probiotics are well known and documented in the relevant evidence, and, also, they are associated with the digestive tract and immune system.
2. How Kombucha protects the liver?
Scientific studies show that this tea has a protective effect on the liver. Experiments on animals have shown that Kombucha reduces the level of toxins, leading to liver damage; the same study showed that the drink has an anti-stress effect. Such positive effect is correlated only with the Kombucha drink (and other fermented teas do not have such properties).
3. How Kombucha affects the lungs?
Chinese scientists have discovered the unique potential of Kombucha. If you use drink as a mean of inhalation, it helps to eliminate silica from the inner surface of the lungs. This effect is especially important for people engaged in construction, quarries, and mines. According to the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, more than 2 million men and women exposed to harmful dust. And, although the research in this area still continues, the prospects for the use of this tea are encouraging.
4. Does Kombucha affect blood sugar?
Problems with metabolism, kidney and liver are typical side effects of diabetes. Antioxidants that occur in the fermentation process help to support the liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Studies conducted on animals show that Kombucha lowers glucose levels and increases beneficial cholesterol.
5. How Kombucha affects the kidneys?
During the experiments devoted to the effects of the drink on the kidneys that were affected by toxins, it has been discovered that antioxidants, contained in Kombucha, can repair the damaged tissue.

Top 5 Products for Weight Loss and Beauty

Top 5 Products for Weight Loss and Beauty

Top view of delicious fruits on wooden surface Free Photo

Who doesn’t dream about staying fit, beautiful, young and healthy during the whole life? Keeping your body healthy is not an easy task and it definitely requires lots of hard work, exercising, and constant self-improvement. However, the whole process can become much simpler and way more effective if you know what foods you should consume to stay beautiful and healthy. And here is the list of top five products that will help you maintain fit, young and healthy:

The fifth place in our rating of useful products belongs to Avocado. This exotic product is now widespread and has become very popular among people who want to get in a perfect shape. Despite the fact that avocados contain a lot of fat, they are easily digested and create a feeling of satiety without affecting your weight. Also, avocado is rich in a whole range of vitamins. These fruits help keep your skin soft and elastic, affect the good growth and color of hair and nails. And some trace elements contained in avocados break down harmful cholesterol, taking care of your health.

Apples take deserved fourth place in the list of delicious and healthy products that help create beautiful shapes with the health benefits. Leading nutritionists from all around the world have recognized that this fruit and the mix of vitamins and minerals contained in it are optimal for the human body. Eating 2-3 apples a day you will receive daily norm of iron, vitamins G and B. And, of course, they do not cause even the slightest harm to your body.

Among the products that are used for weight loss, there is another exotic fruit. Kiwi is an ideal light snack during the working day. They take third place in the list of foods for weight loss and beauty. Eating only one piece of this delicious fruit per day you will notice how in just a few weeks your skin will look younger and fresher.

Second place in our list is given to the product about the benefits of which knows, probably, every person. It is B-Tea Kombucha. The useful properties of this drink will help you to maintain the beauty, health, and excellent body easily.

And the leader among food products that help us maintain the perfect shape and preserve the beauty is Pineapple. This fruit is an excellent tool for fat burn and it contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Doctors recommend eating pineapples at least two times a week. There are even some special pineapple diets, which help to get rid of extra weight, tone the body, and even prevent various diseases.

More Probiotics, Kombucha, And Other Healthy Trends In 2017

More Probiotics, Kombucha, And Other Healthy Trends In 2017


Have you ever heard the term “functional food”? What does it mean and why our usual meal plans can’t be really called functional? In fact, any food can be functional, as it contains certain healthy elements including useful vitamins and nutrients. In the past people used to eat more, as they moved much more actively, while today the situation is opposite – we are less active and often eat on the go (which is not too healthy). However, we need much less food. This is due to the fact that an average person often spends much fewer calories than he consumes during the day, which can cause certain health issues if the consumed food is not healthy at all. That is when functional food comes in handy. If planned correctly, such meals help us to get necessary nutrients and enough energy for the whole day, meanwhile helping us keep our bodies healthy and fit as long as possible to prevent health issues in the future.

Due to the growing demand for healthy and organic products, the market provides more and more useful alternatives to some of the most popular foods that we all are used to. Here are some of the main trends in functional nutrition for 2017:

  • Reduction of sugar content in foods. It’s getting smaller and smaller. An important reason that make such foods healthy is that sugar definitely has some benefits (for example, it is a great source of energy), but in high doses it promotes inflammatory processes in human’s body (according to the latest scientific data, all, for example, oncological diseases appear in the result of inflammatory processes).
  • More turmeric. The popularity of this spice is growing rapidly. More and more companies include it in their products as today it is an irreplaceable component of “anti-inflammatory diet” and good tool of immunity protection. Already now, you can find latte with almond milk and turmeric in some good coffee shops.
  • Less milk. It is replaced with soy, almond, and coconut milk.
  • More beans and cereals that are rich in protein. In order to get enough proteins but reduce meat consumption, some of the leaders of functional nutrition movement recommend including more beans and cereals in the diet.
  • Probiotics and Kombucha. Products that improve digestion (gluten and lactose-free, and containing probiotics) are also highly popular today. One of the biggest healthy trends in 2017 is Kombucha – an organic drink that contains natural probiotics. Today, nutritionists recommend drinking Kombucha every day instead of fresh juices (especially instead of the fruit mixes that contain lots of sugar). B-Tea Kombucha is one of the best products in this niche, it is absolutely organic and raw, doesn’t contain sugars, is low in calories, and has numerous benefits for your health!

Join these trends in 2017 and stay healthy!

Drying Out The Body – Main Rules And Diet

Drying Out The Body – Main Rules And Diet

Drying out the body is a way to make your body fit, and this approach includes diet and exercise. Drying reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat and muscles become more visible.
The main goal of a proper diet for frying out is to eat no more than 50 grams of carbs a day. You can consume protein foods and good fats in almost unlimited amounts. As a result, the body receives fewer carbs and begins to break down fats. It should be noted that it is not healthy to start drying too fast; you will have to do it gradually, step by step reducing the amount of carbohydrates during several days.
Those who make drying for the first time need to pay attention to their health and ailments to stop the diet.
On drying, you can eat the following products:
1. Cucumbers (no more than 2 per day)
2. Fresh cabbage, Chinese cabbage
3. Green pepper
4. Radishes
5. Zucchini
6. Celery
7. Greens
8. Lemons
9. Sauerkraut (not more than 400 g per day)
10. Boiled eggs, but no more than two yolks a day
11. Low-fat cottage cheese 200 gr. a day
12. Low-fat yogurt 500 gr. a day
13. Milk 100 ml
14. Boiled chicken
15. Boiled or baked fish
16. Meat broths are not more than 400 g. a day
17. Mineral water and green tea in unlimited quantities
18. Vegetable oil (to add to salads)
19. Mushrooms 1 time per week
For many people, the diet that is based on reducing carbohydrates is the most effective for healthy weight loss.
In order to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, to begin with, remove the sugar from your daily meals, refined cereals, pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes. These products are the main sources of carbohydrates and blood sugar after eating those increases quickly.

It is also allowed to eat fish, poultry, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and berries in any amounts because these products are perfect for a wheat-free diet, and after them, you will won’t feel the hunger for a long time.
Note: every day you should consume no more than 1300 calories, but it is better to calculate the right amount of calories for weight loss that suits your organism. You need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water on a diet. In the early days it might be difficult to hold on to, perhaps you may feel some weakness, but by the end of the first week, everything should return to normal.

Simple Life Hacks That Will Help You Make Healthy Eating Your Style Of Life

Simple Life Hacks That Will Help You Make Healthy Eating Your Style Of Life


As we all know, developing new habits, just like getting rid of the old ones, is a difficult and time-consuming process. A transition to a healthy eating requires willpower and dedication. And it is not as easy as you could imagine. This post will help you develop the healthy habits faster and easier, below you will find some of the best and most effective rules and tips that you can rely on in order to save your energy, effort and time!

What Are The Best Tricks To Start Eating Healthy?

  • Serve the salad first! When you are cooking the dinner, spend a few minutes to prepare a salad and serve it while the main meal is still undone. This way, since you are already hungry, you will eat the salad first and won’t eat too much unhealthy food later.
  • Do not buy junk food when you go grocery shopping! Just make it a rule. This is a very effective trick because you are less likely to eat some junk food if it is not stored in your refrigerator!
  • Forget about unhealthy snacks! Instead, use this tip: fill a big bowl with a bunch of healthy snacks like chopped vegetables or fruits, nuts, or other and put this bowl in a high-traffic area. This way, each time you get a bit hungry, you will automatically grab these healthy snacks without even realizing you’re doing it!
  • Cook healthy food that will last the entire week! For example, you can make a big batch of a light soup or rice with vegetables and I guarantee that in the evenings you will more likely heat these healthy foods instead of cooking something different!
  • Follow these three rules if your main goal is to lose weight! Whenever you feel hungry follow any of these golden rules: “fruits first”, “water first” or “salad first” – such approach will help you reduce the desire to eat and will stimulate the metabolism.
  • Drink healthy beverages! Healthy eating will not work as good as it could if you drink lots of soda or beer every day. Try to refuse from the unhealthy drinks and replace them with fresh juices, water, smoothies or Kombucha if you can’t live without a bottle of sweet water during the day!

Final Words

These six tips are not too difficult and thus, they help you adjust your meal plan and stick to the healthy eating without putting too many efforts or time into it! So keep moving forward, never give up, and you will reach the desired results!

9 Drinks that Should Be Included to Your Diet

9 Drinks that Should Be Included to Your Diet


Everyone knows that the human body consists of about 75-80% of water. The water is quickly absorbed by the body, and it does not expend energy on the process, and that is why all the doctors and scientists confirm its importance for our life and health. However, apart from the daily water norm, you should also include the following nine drinks to your daily ration to stay healthy, fit and toned.

Green tea

Due to the large number of flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants, green tea neutralizes free radicals, strengthens bones, protects against cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of cancer.

Mint tea

This drink normalizes and facilitates digestion. Besides, mint has antispasmodic action — relieves pain in the muscles.

Low-fat milk

Milk can satisfy the appetite for a long time, which is very helpful in the fight against obesity. It contains complex carbohydrates, proteins, calcium and vitamin D. The most useful milk to drink is the one with 1% or less fat.

Soy milk

It prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases by reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. However, it is impossible to replace cow’s milk with soy completely, as it will cause a lack of calcium and vitamins A and D.

Hot chocolate or cocoa

These drinks stimulate the production of the hormone serotonin in the body, which improves mood. Hot chocolate and cocoa prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, and also, polyphenols, contained in these drinks, protect cells from free radicals.

Tomato juice (without salt)

Lycopene contained in tomato juice is an excellent tool for prevention oncological diseases of many organs: lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, breast, and cervix. Besides, lycopene reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cranberry juice

Scientists have said a lot about the benefits of this drink. It protects our organism from infections of the digestive and urinary system. Also, cranberry juice prevents gum disease and lowers “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

Orange juice

The abundance of vitamin C enhances immunity and protects us from many diseases, including cataracts and cancer. Also, many doctors advise drinking orange juice during pregnancy because of folic acid that is contained in it and prevents developmental defects of the fetus.


Modern medicine recognizes the beneficial properties of Kombucha and recommends using it for preventive and wellness purposes. Kombucha strengthens and balances the action of the central nervous system, slows and facilitates the course of tuberculosis. It also helps to lower the blood pressure. This drink actively restores the natural micro flora of the stomach after an illness or receiving large doses of antibiotics and other medical chemicals.

5 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

5 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life


If you are dreaming about losing a few extra pounds, boosting your energy, and feeling happier each day – these 5 tips will help you reach the results faster!

  • Eat the foods that you like! Everyone who had followed a diet at least once knows that there is always a long list of prohibited products, but we offer you to change the approach! Instead of refusing from your favorite dishes just make your portions smaller and the results will be even better!
  • Forget about the calorie counting! Instead just focus on eating food that is good for your health and body. Each time when you want to eat something ask yourself whether the chosen products are nutritious and good for you, instead of looking at the number of calories that they contain!
  • Don’t eat boring food! Another thing that is always present in each diet is a guideline on how to cook your meals (don’t add salt, eat only boiled food, etc.) and following these rules is always difficult. Instead, cook your food the way you like it! Search for new recipes, experiment with flavors and make your diet not only healthy but also tasty!
  • Drop the food guilt! In fact, you have more chances to reach your body goals if you stop blaming or judging yourself for eating something. Today, many try to stick the belief that food is just something that gives us energy, however, there is nothing wrong about enjoying your meals!
  • Follow the 80/20 rule! Probably all of you have heard about the 80/20 rule, which claims that you get 80% more results by making only 20% of the effort. The same can and SHOULD be applied to the diet. Eating healthy is good, but you should always give yourself a break and have a few “cheating” days every once in a while. Make it this way: eat healthy 80% of the time and save another 20% for eating whatever you want. Such approach will not only help you follow the diet but will also not let your body get used to a specific meal plan.

Following these life-changing healthy tricks, you will reach the best results in a simple and most pleasant way!

Basic Rules of Proper Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

Basic Rules of Proper Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

At some point in our life, many of us make a decision to change our lifestyle to make it healthier. Some of us do it to lose weight, others want to feel the harmony with their body, and some just want to improve their general health condition. No matter what is your final goal – you are on the right track!|
But there are few nuances to keep in mind! Starting a healthy lifestyle and following the rules of proper nutrition can be quite challenging for many people, and if you want to succeed and change yourself and your life for the best, you will have to work harder! And these basic rules will help you to do everything right!

1) Make it a habit to drink a glass (or 2) of water 15 minutes before each meal.
2) Ensure that you consume at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day.
3) You don’t have to restrict yourself from eating something you like, but try to consume harmful food that has lots of calories only until 12 am because in the morning your body can digest such meals faster and easier.
4) Try to replace side dishes with vegetables (especially during the dinner!).
5) Eat more often but in smaller quantities – replace your normal meals with smaller portions and eat every 2.5-3 hours.
6) Don’t eat anything 3-4 hours before the bedtime.
7) Don’t neglect the importance of physical activity! Proper nutrition is important, but it brings poor results if not combined with sports! Attend gym, do simple exercises in the morning, have some cardio every once in a while, walk for at least 30 minutes each day, and try to go up the stairs more often instead of using the elevator.
8) Do not drink while you are eating and during the next 40 minutes after the meal.
9) Be sure to eat breakfast, do not skip it!
10) Keep going forward, stay motivated and believe in yourself – remember that staying positive is not less important!pexels-photo-196668

How to Change Yourself and Your Life for the Better?

How to Change Yourself and Your Life for the Better?


How often do you say “I will start a diet tomorrow”, “I will start running tomorrow” and all other phrases that begin with “I’ll start TOMORROW”?! I bet that each of you had said such phrases quite often, but as a rule, the progress rarely goes further than discussion…

We often are too critical to ourselves. Someone wants to know how to lose weight, others want to start eating healthy, working out, change a job, change themselves… this list can be endless! But what do you think always restricts us from moving from empty promises to action? – It is always you who stands on your way!

So how can you overcome your inside barriers and start acting now? You will find the answer in this article!

3 Golden Rules To Get Started

At the initial stage, there are a few rules, without which the process of changing your life can be quite tough or even useless. So, what are these rules?

Rule #1. Motivation

The most important and powerful tool for you at the initial stage should be the motivation. You have to be passionate about change. Motivation is the basis of everything! Agree that people who really want something – reach their goals no matter what, and all our references to a lack of time and workload are nothing more than simple excuses.

So: if you really want something, find something that motivates you and stay motivated all the time!

Rule #2. Set clear goals

Often we don’t realize what exactly we want, and as the result, we can’t reach our goals because we actually don’t have a specific goal. To become successful in life you have to set specific goals (even better if your goals have deadlines) and work on achieving them!

Rule #3. Get out of your comfort zone

Our life is full of stereotypes. One of such stereotypes says about the impossibility of changing ourselves and we take it for granted because we feel comfortable this way. To make a change, you need to leave your comfort zone, start doing something that you were not used to because only this way you can reach your goals.

Make A Change!

Now when you’ve found the right motivation and set a goal, it’s time to move to the main thing – start changing yourself.

Stage 1. Begin to think positively and change yourself

At the initial stage of changing yourself, start to think only about good things. All successful people think positively. But remember – failures can happen with anyone, and you have to find positive moments even in unpleasant situations as this will help you to avoid stress. Don’t think about the failure, think about what you need to improve in order to avoid failures in the future!

Stage 2. Change yourself and fight with stress

Once you have learned to think positively, continue to fight against stress. After all, successful and balanced people know how to control their emotions.

Stage 3. Think about the qualities you need

To achieve success in any sphere you just need a number of useful qualities such as:

  • confidence
  • passion
  • optimism
  • discipline
  • patience

You can add other useful qualities that you would like to possess. After your list is complete, think about what you can do to obtain these qualities and act!

Good luck and keep in mind: In just two days TOMORROW will be YESTERDAY! So you have to start NOW!

How To Start Eating Healthy?

How To Start Eating Healthy?

Today, no one doubts the need to eat properly and in a balanced way. However, many are constantly postponing the day from which this new and long-awaited life will begin. It happens due to simple and understandable reasons. When we hear about a healthy diet, as a rule, the following things come to our minds:

  • To eat healthy you must abandon your favorite (harmful) foods;
  • You need to fight with a sense of hunger and restrict yourself from eating when you feel hungry.

All these statements are wrong! Remember, a balanced and healthy diet does not imply anything like this, at all! First of all, there are no “useful” and “harmful” products! The use or harm of products is always determined only by the amount of food and the part of the day when you eat it.
Secondly, we offer you to change the approach. Of course, your organism experiences stress if you try to change all your habits at once and in the short time, and thus your body starts begging you to return to the past style of life, the one it is used to.
Instead, you should start with smaller steps, as this way you will protect your body from stress, and we offer you to do it in several simple stages.
Step 1
Don’t change anything in your daily menu, but add three products that have to be consumed every day:

  • One small carrot
  • Wheat bran (50-100 g)
  • Rosehip decoction (1 glass)

Step 2 (Move to it whenever you want, but not earlier than 3 days after you’ve started the first step)
At this stage, your goal is to become more disciplined in your meals. You need to start writing down what you eat, as this will help you to see what elements your body lacks and what further changes should be made to make your diet more balanced and healthier. Besides, basing on this data you can create your own meal plan.
Step 3
Create a personalized balanced diet.
Step 4
After a certain time (someone will need a month, and for some, it may take a whole year) you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to make a balanced diet plan without a calculator.
A healthy diet will strengthen your immunity and you will forget about the seasonal cold, chronic diseases, and excess pounds. You will feel lightness and harmony, your hair will become strong and shiny, the skin will become cleaner, and your nails will be stronger.